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Time tracking in Emacs with org-clock

This is yet another short post about a little feature in Emacs that turned out to be pretty useful. If you ever feel that you’d like to know how much time you are spending working on different projects (and are an Emacs user), this is the post for you. ## org-clock After searching for a simple app to track my…


Emacs for lazy people

Emacs is one of the most powerful, extensible editors out there. However, learning to use it is not an easy task, and I’m just really lazy. The following are some packages that I hope will make your life way easier. And if you already use Emacs, I encourage you to try them and see if they help you get a…


Sincronizando notas entre PC y móvil mediante Orgzly y Syncthing

Uno de los sistemas más versátiles que existen para organización personal y gestión de tareas es org-mode de Emacs, un modo de este editor que proporciona comodidades útiles tanto para tomar notas rápidas como incluso escribir unos apuntes con fórmulas matemáticas. Esencialmente, aunque cuesta trabajo empezar a usarlo, tiene más utilidades y plugins que la mayoría de navajas suizas, por…